Kyoshi Takahashi

About drawing Maiko

In Kyoto, there is a traditional entertainment culture centered on “Maiko” and “Geiko”. It can also be seen in some cities in Japan.

The scenes in which they work include kimonos, Japanese hairstyles, dances, songs, Japanese-style rooms, paintings, etc., and are a collection of traditional Japanese culture. It’s a gorgeous, sophisticated, disciplined, and very attractive world.

I have been drawing that world since 2010.



Born in Nakayama-town, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.


Graduated from Faculty of Education, Yamagata University Junior  Highschool Teacher Training Course.


While working at junior high schools, special needs schools, and high schools in Yamagata prefecture, I continued to produce paintings and exhibited at the Yamagata Prefectural Art Exhibition and the Central Exhibition in Tokyo.


As a member of the Yamagata Prefectural Art circle and the Yamagata Issuikai Art circle,   I’m continuing to produce works by exhibiting at the Prefectural Exhibition, “Issuikai” Exhibition in Tokyo.  I teach at the oil painting class twice a month at Saigado Yamagata City .